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It started with a book

Around 2006 three designers from Tokyo who were experimenting with protective industrial masking tape, excitedly discovered different ways of using the material and ventured to many home improvements stores in search of new colours.

Enthusiastic about the possibilities of masking tape, these three lovers of paper, books and masking tape, created the Masking Tape Guide Book which they presented to Kamoi sharing their ideas about how masking tape could be used as a decorative item. The company were so impressed with these fantastic ideas and to meet the request to make "masking tapes of different colours" embarked on the project. As a result of repeated trial and error they produced twenty different colourful rolls like a beautiful set of colouring pencils and in 2007 launched the "mt" collection.


The only limit is your imagination

Once just an industrial product, masking tape is now put to all sorts of uses by all sorts of people every day.

mt 'washi' masking tape can be used for a multitude of purposes - cut & tear, layer up, write & stamp, stick & more...the possibilities are endless! You can decorate small objects such as jam jars, notebooks and pen pots to entire walls and pieces of furniture. From scrapbooking to gift wrapping and large scale art installation; mt is for anyone and everyone.

Think big, think small

mt create impressive spectacles across the globe, decorating stairways and castle walls, in blocks of colour and vivid stripes. Artists and designers alike turn to mt as new art form, creating collages and abstract forms. mt can be found in impressive situations and in everyday life too. mt is used in shops to create beautiful packaging, and in homes to pin up pictures or label jam jars in the kitchen. Projects great and small can be crafted from mt.

A roll in every house

mt masking tape is addictive. The colour spectrum and assortment of patterns and designs is so vast that it’s hard not to want to collect them all. This appealing stationery essential is fast becoming a cult object and although small in form, the ideas that come with it are limitless. With imagination and creativity, bold and exciting things can happen!

When the three ladies first approached Kamoi, the company's wish was to see "a roll in every home" – to help this happen we bring to you the full collection direct from Japan. Let your creativity flow, be inspired and shop the colourful collection now.