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03 June 2021

mt Meets Maisie Violet

Maisie Violet is a creative specialising in maximalist interiors and DIY decorating...

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29 April 2021

mt Meets Nicole and Petra Kapitza

Artists and designer sisters Nicole and Petra Kapitza founded their studio Kapitza...

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19 February 2021

All you need is a roll of black mt Masking Tape…

We always love to see the inventive ways that people are using...

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02 September 2020

mt Meets The Patternistas

We were lucky enough to catch up with husband and wife team...

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15 July 2020

mt Meets Stephanie Hartman of Collage Club

You studied illustration at Central St Martins and then went on to set up Collage Club in 2014. What prompted the move from illustration to collaging? I knew pretty...

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27 March 2020

mt Meets Naomi Vona

Did you always plan to work in a creative industry? How did you get to where you are now? I have always loved to draw since I was a little girl...

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25 September 2019

mt on a Roll

It’s been a busy September for mt Masking Tape UK. We are proud to have been involved in not just one but two major tape installations with two amazingly talented...

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05 June 2019

mt Meets: Bengt & Lotta

You founded the company Bengt and Lotta in 1990, what is it like working together? What are the different roles you both take during the creative process? It has been nice...

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