3D Christmas tree ornaments using mt Masking Tape

handmade washi tape Christmas baubles hanging on tree.

Materials you'll need:

  • Cardboard
  • A variety of mt washi Masking Tape in different colours and designs
  • Scissors
  • Twine or ribbon (optional)

1. Using a pencil or marker, sketch the Christmas bauble shape onto a piece of cardboard. Then, cut along the drawn outline to craft the cardboard shape that will serve as the canvas for your creative design. Repeat this until you have 10 baubles.

2. Fold the cardboard cut-outs in the middle, and with the folded circles in hand, staple them at their creased edges. This will form a circular-page booklet, providing the perfect canvas for your bauble decoration.

3. Now choose your colour palette! Our favourites are: Pool Blue- 50 mm, Permanent Bellows (High Brightness- Metallic Finish), Christmas Colour Pattern, Square Yellow, Wave Stripe, Yellow- 50mm 

4. Apply small pieces of your chosen washi tape to the baubles in your preferred pattern. Feel free to overlap tape pieces to add depth and uniqueness to your designs. Watch as your baubles transform with each piece of tape added.

5. Add a piece of twine or ribbon to your bauble. With your washi tape Christmas baubles now adorned with unique designs and a hanging loop, they're ready to take center stage.

Hang them on your Christmas tree to make it even more special or use them as eye-catching decorative accents in various areas of your home.