5 Unique Ways You Can Use mt Masking Tape!

5 Unique Ways You Can Use mt Masking Tape!

mt Masking Tape is the original 'washi' tape from Japan and can be used in a multitude of ways. Wondering how you can get stuck in and make the most of our tape? Here we share some of the versatile ways you can incorporate tape into your life...


With the mt Casa for home collection, you can change the colour and appearance of your walls as often as you would your clothes. Not limited to your house alone, these giant rolls can be used to decorate office spaces, shops, galleries and more. Create blocks of colour or colourful stripes with alternate tapes, team them up with mt Casa stickers to add circular shapes and cover entire walls, pieces of furniture and home accessories.

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mt CASA Fleece - Grayish Beige - 230mm Washi Tape
mt CASA Fleece - Grayish Red - 230mm Washi Tape



For the ultimate personalised gift, try gift wrapping using mt Masking Tape. Our colourful washi tape can add a real wow factor to humble white or brown paper packages. With hundreds of patterns and colours to choose from, you can create a gift that is truly unique. You could also add washi details to your envelopes!

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mt Basic - Shocking Orange - 15mm Washi Tape
mt fab - Flower and Vine - 45mm Washi Tape



mt Masking Tape can be used in the same way as paint but involves minimal mess and equipment. Grab some humble rolls of washi tape and add layers of varying colours and patterns to create fun and vibrant illustrations. The beauty of our tape is that you can remove it and reapply should you make any mistakes.

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mt Basic - Lavender - 50mm Washi Tape
mt fab - Art Tape Watercolours - 15mm Washi Tape Set of 10



Want to make a big impact but are short on time? Embellish a plain piece of furniture with mt washi tape to create something truly spectacular. Create your own confetti style pattern simply by cutting up little pieces of our matt black mt Masking Tape. Stick the tape at random, evenly spaced angle and you will be amazed at the results.

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mt CASA - Lining Undercoat - 100mm Washi Tape
mt Basic - Yellow - 100mm Washi Tape
mt Basic - Red - 100mm Washi Tape



You can decorate almost anything with mt Masking Tape so transform rulers, pens, notebooks and erasers and change them as often as one desires. Save money and stand out from the office or classroom.

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mt Basic - Hougan Sakura - 15mm Washi Tape
mt Basic - Border Framboise - 15mm Washi Tape