5 ways to use washi tape in your journal with Louise Chai

Journal page 'vision board' showing inspiring photos stuck in with washi masking tape.

Have you ever seen a cute roll of washi tape in your local stationery store and thought 'I have to have that'? Again and again and again. We've all been there. These unique and versatile tapes by MT Masking Tape are inspired by the original Japanese tapes that are slightly sheer and semi-adhesive. These can range from delicate patterns to highly vibrant colours - easy to peel and stick to any craft project! So it's time to dust off your washi tape collection (or better yet, add some new ones to your collection) and let's explore these different ways to use them!

Top Tip!

Washi tapes look even better layered together! Try and pair a patterned tape with a colour tape.


Stick and decorate

The number one use of washi tape is to stick and decorate! Simply tear off your favourite washi tape and use it to stick down photos in your vision board or journal for a scrapbook-look with an added layer of colour. You can even use the washi tape underneath your images to create a quick background.


Sort and organise

Have you tried colour-coding (or pattern-coding) your bullet journal or diary using washi tape? Create these tabs by cutting shapes and lining them with washi tape to sort and organise your notebook with a hit of fun and personality. Try this with your weeklies in your bullet journal, or the notes in your school books so you can quickly find the page you need!


Instant impact headers

If you ever want to add an extra wow factor to your headers, make a visual impact by using a bold washi tape as a banner or background for your headers or anything you want to add emphasis to. I've used an extra thick washi tape to bring focus and an instant impression to the page. This is a great cheat for when you want to have lots of colour and impact with low effort!


Cut and fill

The beauty of washi tape is that they are so versatile to use and the low tack backing means they are easy to cut and peel to fit your own shapes. A fun way to use this method is an easy mood tracker - instead of filling your mood tracker with colour pens, why not fill it with washi tape and make use of the colours and pattern.


Beautiful borders 

Define and elevate your notebook by lining the edges of your page with washi tape to create a beautiful border. I've paired a pastel yellow tape with a slim dotted tape to create a frame for my page. You can even mark out a smaller section of your page with the same technique to draw focus.