6 Innovative ways to use mt Masking Tape in your Home

6 Innovative ways to use mt Masking Tape in your Home

People are spending more time at home than ever before and we have been amazed at the innovative ways our tape is being used in the home. mt Masking Tape can transform a space or piece of furniture with minimal effort and can be changed as many times as you like without damaging walls or surfaces. Don’t know where to start? We have rounded up 6 inventive and amazing ways that people have used our tape in their homes... 

(Main image by @maisieviolet_rees)


Wall stripes

A simple yet striking way to bring your walls to life is to add washi stripes to your walls. Avoid messy paint and use rolls of tape instead to experiment with horizontal or diagonal lines. No dustsheets required and if you make a mistake, the tape can be rolled off and then re-positioned again! We LOVE this stripy reading alcove that has been created by @thisenglishhome.


(Image by @thisenglishhome)


Faux Paneling

Decorative wall paneling is perfect to add interest to your home. If your home lacks character or original features and you are on a budget, then mt Masking Tape is the perfect solution. Embellish doors with faux panes, create a picture rail along your hallway or emulate antique paneling on your wall. Check out the amazingly talented @maisieviolet_rees for the best paneling inspo!

(Image by @maisieviolet_rees)


Upcycling furniture

Embellish a plain piece of furniture with mt washi tape to create something truly spectacular. Why not try an Art Deco inspired pattern or geometric theme. We are big fans of @home2style monochrome use of mt Masking Tape that has been used throughout her home.

(Image by @home2style)


Wall mural

If you have plenty of blank wall space and don’t trust your wallpaper or painting skills then washi tape is the answer. Add geometric shapes to a small section of your wall or create a tranquil corner in your bedroom by constructing leafy forms on the wall. With so many rolls of tape to choose from the only limit is your imagination! Check out @virginiedlille for more dreamy wall decorations.

(Image @virginiedlille)


Confetti wallpaper

Want to make a big impact but are short on time? A speedy and affordable alternative to wallpaper is to follow in @maisieviolet_rees footsteps by making your own confetti style wallpaper simply by cutting up little pieces of mt Masking Tape. Stick the tape at random, evenly spaced angle and you will be amazed at the results.

(Image by @maisieviolet_rees)


Wall accents

Adorn your bathroom splashback with an mt washi tape border for a more contemporary look and accentuate with monochrome accessories. Quick, simple and super-stylish. We like your style @lemonade_home.

(Image by @lemonade_home)