Create An Egg Garland With mt

Create An Egg Garland With mt

For this Easter we have a colourful and super simple project for you to try.
We will use some paper and all your favourite rolls of mt washi tape to make a beautiful egg garland.

Check out below what you will need!


Materials list

  • Mt washi tape - at least 3 different rolls, max as many as you like
  • 2 printed pages of the eggs template - Download the pdf file here
  • Cotton thread (or any other thread you have at home)
  • Knife cutter or scissors
  • Cutting mat if you use the knife cutter



Print out the eggs template in 2 paper sheets, and apply the tape using at least 3 different colours. In our first paper sheet we will alternate the colours to create the stripes - we will make 4 eggs with horizontal stripes, and 4 eggs with diagonal stripes.

In the second paper sheet we will tear the tape in 2 ways - 4 eggs will have vertical stripes that we teared with our hands, to create irregular stripes.
The other 4 remaining eggs will be decorated tearing the tape in horizontal, to get small irregular pieces. In both cases we will have to overlap slightly the tapes, to cover the whole surface.

Now we can use scissors or a knife cutter to cut out the egg shapes. After this, we can place alternatively the different decorated eggs in a row, to get a nice rhythm of colours and patterns.
Turn on the other way each egg, and place the cotton thread behind, securing it with some tape.

The garland is finally completed, and ready to be placed anywhere you like!

You can print out more pages if you want it longer. Enjoy!