Deck the halls with mt Masking Tape

Deck the halls with mt Masking Tape

The Christmas countdown is on and we cannot contain our excitement (or our rolls of washi tape!) mt Masking Tape is the perfect tool to bring Christmas alive with its lively colours and unique capabilities. Decorate, create and give your loved ones a Christmas to remember with the help of our iconic Japanese washi paper. Here we share our favourite ways to use mt Masking Tape at Christmas time:

  1. Create unique Christmas Decorations

Ditch the traditional baubles and create your very own festive decorations using mt tape as an embellishment. From fun toy soldiers and angels to decadent stars, the world is your oyster with our never-ending collection of tape. The introduction of our metallic foiled tapes will help add some seasonal sparkle to your masterpieces.

  1. Personalise your wrapping

Make your gifts stand out from the crowd and produce your very own unique wrapping paper. Decorate your chosen choice of paper with washi tape to create your very own pattern or motif. For that extra special someone, why not craft their initials out of tape. This is a great trick to use if you are participating in Secret Santa so they don’t guess your handwriting. Warning… if they know you love tape then you’ve given the game away!

  1. Festive Vessels

Save a trip to the shops and overhaul old vases or jars to create festive vessels to showcase your favourite Christmas flowers, plants or sprigs. The beauty of mt Masking Tape is that it can be removed with ease and won’t leave a residue, so the vases can be restored after the festive period.

  1. Festive Feel

The key to Christmas is creating a beautifully warm and cosy ambience. Candles and lamps can be decorated with beautifully warm shades of tape to help extend that warm fuzzy Christmas feeling into your home.

  1. A Mess-Free Christmas Tree

Can’t bear the abundance of needles that are left over from your gigantic Christmas tree? Look no further than mt Masking Tape and opt for an alternative, modern and mess-free approach to the Christmas tree and create your own wall art. Use masking tape to create your Christmas tree outline and then fill it with as much colour and decoration as your imagination desires. Christmas lights can still be incorporated into your wall installation and can be fastened down with more tape. Not only will this please your dustpan and brush but will provide an afternoon of creative fun for you and your family.