Keep the Children Occupied this Summer with mt Masking Tape

Keep the Children Occupied this Summer with mt Masking Tape

Schools out for the summer which means one thing…excitable children to entertain for the next 6 weeks! With the temperatures soaring, its too hot and sticky to play outside in the daytime heat so why not grab a humble roll of mt Masking Tape and get sticking inside.

Incorporate mt Masking Tape into children’s play with these simple yet effective activities:

Prepare a Washi Tape Feast for all the Family

Grab some carboard, paper and a pair of scissors and fashion delectable foods using mt tape as a decorative tool. Let the imagination run wild with cardboard slices of cake decorated with mouth-watering mt Masking Tape icing and sponge or fill cones with rolls of tape for the perfect ice-cream sundae. Embellish tea cups, cutlery and straws with lavish designs to produce a washi picnic scene fit for The Queen.

Mt Masking Tape Animals

During the mid-morning lull, grab some sheets of white paper and a couple of rolls of mt Masking Tape and ask the children to create a picture of their favourite animal using mt Masking Tape. Whether it’s a simple outline of their favourite creature or an elaborate work of art, you’ll be amazed at the results and will be pleased for some peace and quiet whilst the kids work on their animal masterpieces.

Create a Toy Home

The beauty of mt Masking Tape is that it doesn’t leave residue and therefore doesn’t damage walls or other surfaces. Kids can use the tape to create homes for their teddy’s, train tracks for their trains or even a horse drawn cart for Barbies and princesses. The possibilities of mt are endless and will help to transport your kids into a world of fantasy creating hours of fun!

Upcycle Stationery with Tape

As the holidays draw to an end, it’s time to start thinking about going back to school which almost always calls for a trip to the local supermarket or stationers to get a fresh set of stationery for the new term. But why stick to tradition and get the same stationery as all the other kids? Avoid the stressful and hot trip to the shops and instead deck the children’s current stationery with trendy patterns of their choice. You can decorate almost anything with mt Masking Tape so transform rulers, pens, notebooks and erasers and change them as often as one desires. Save money and stand out from the classroom.