mt Masking Tape Factor Tour Vol. 6

mt Masking Tape Factor Tour Vol. 6

On Friday 24th March 2017, mt masking tape began their annual factory tour in their home town Kurashiki in Japan. After a short tour of the production line, visitors were able to explore the mt factory exhibition and as always it was quite a spectacle with bikes, cars and even buses decorated in mt masking tape.

mt masking tape lovers near and far attended the tour and were able to learn about the history of the brand, discover the different and obscure uses of mt masking tape, take part in fun workshops and purchase their favourite and limited edition tapes from the mt masking tape pop up shop.

Koji Iyama – Designer of MT

“Circles and tubes compose the shape of the tape. These drawings which utilize the simple formative elements were made into posters. I would appreciate it if you can feel the fresh aspect that illustrates the attraction of mt.” Koji Iyama.

Each year a design contest is held at the mt factory tour where people across the world can submit their artwork to be printed on mt masking tape. Koji Iyama (designer of mt masking tape) was in attendance and awarded the likes of five year old Runi who was just one of the winners at this year’s design contest. Runi created his tape design using colour pencil strokes.

Okayama “Hareiro” Campaign

Alongside the mt factory tour, mt masking tape launched their Okayama “Hareiro” Campaign which translates as the “sunny day” campaign. In the neighbouring town of Okayama, a local tram and beautiful Japanese castle of Okayama had been decorated in mt masking tape for a limited time.

Tane x 612

In mt masking tape’s local town Kurashiki, this Japanese couple can be found running the tane x 612 factory shop. Their collection of tape is much to be admired with over 500 different designs of mt masking tape.