mt Masking Tape wall art by George Wark

mt Masking Tape wall art by George Wark

The Tape Art movement originated in Providence, Rhode Island in 1989 in the form of large-scale, collaborative drawings created in public spaces and has been growing ever since. mt Masking Tape is being used more and more as a medium for artists and has been used all over the world to create installations, wall murals or to cover entire buildings and public spaces.

The beauty of a roll of mt Masking Tape is that it can be used in a multitude of ways on almost any surface which is why artist enjoy using our tape to create linear pieces of art. Last month we had the pleasure of collaborating with amazingly talented tape artist George Wark. George, who recently graduated from Norwich University of the Arts has been hugely influenced by the sixties Optical Art movement and has created a cubic spiral installation using our very own tape.

Using matte black mt Masking Tape, George has created a bold, geometric piece which is visually stimulating and playful. We love the simplicity and effectiveness of the use of one tape which works well on the expansive white wall. Much of Georges work is focused on the idea of retinal reaction due to over-stimulation and playing with perception. Using tape allows George to freely experiment with scale and setting, working on huge walls and in small, curved spaces. Not being confined by size and convention has meant he has been able to develop his style and play freely with pattern and colour in a bid to create works that create the most interesting and memorable retinal reaction in the viewer.

We love this piece that George has created and hope to see more soon…

Check out his work here: