mt Meets: Bengt & Lotta

mt Meets: Bengt & Lotta

You founded the company Bengt and Lotta in 1990, what is it like working together? What are the different roles you both take during the creative process?

It has been nice to have our own little brand and design things that make us happy. We were both working at different places in the beginning. I (Bengt) worked at an advertising company and Lotta at a newspaper before becoming a freelance illustrator. In our company, we work together but also work on our own individual projects. We come up with new ideas collaboratively…I tend to deal with the day to day contact with new collaborators and Lotta is putting the last hand on almost every project.

Many of your motifs incorporate animals and wildlife. Where do you find you inspiration?

I grew up in the countryside in the south of Sweden and spent a lot of time on my Grandparents Farm. Lotta’s Grandmother studied Art in Austria and brought a lot of tradition and inspiration to her children and grandchildren which has inspired her along the way.

How do you work? Do you have a sketch book of ideas? Do you write a journal? Are your designs created by hand or on a computer?

We both sketch by hand. Sometimes on an envelope or in a sketchbook. Although we try hard, we are not very organized so tend to sketch everywhere and anywhere! Maybe one day! Lotta occasionally draws directly to the computer but this is not something I am skilled in.

What’s the most satisfying thing about your career?

We have met so many nice people around the world. People coming to our shop that have become friends. Through all our work we have got a lot of contacts that have made it possible for us to travel.

What were your biggest challenges along the way?

It was very challenging when we first started running our own production of ironwork. It was a big responsibility employing people and taking care of wholesalers etc.

When did you first discover mt Masking Tape and how do you use your tape?

We first saw it on a trip to Japan, not that long before we got the question if we would like to design patterns for the tape.

Quick Fire Questions

Best advice you have ever been given?

Trust yourself and try to be honest with yourself in what you do

Favourite Gallery or Museum?

Skansen in Stockholm and Moderna Museet Stockholm

Favourite City?


If you could have dinner with three artists (past or present) who would they be?

Gustav Klimt, Frida Kahlo and Yayoi Kusama