mt Meets Maisie Violet

mt Meets Maisie Violet

Maisie Violet is a creative specialising in maximalist interiors and DIY decorating hacks. Maisie is on a mission to demonstrate that home transformations don’t have to be costly or laborious and that you too can create an interior that reflects YOUR personality through easy, budget-friendly design hacks. Maisie regularly uses mt Masking Tape in her home decor projects and we were lucky enough to catch up with her to discuss all things interior, colour and tape!

You started your career designing interior displays, dressing windows and creating immersive pop-up spaces for luxury retailers. Were there any projects that helped to define your career?

Landing a job with Harvey Nichols creating and installing there world famous window and interior displays definitely opened up a whole new creative field for me, it also gave me the confidence to being perusing freelance work of my own. A couple of the head creatives noticed how keen I was to push myself creatively so I was invited to help launch the new menswear department in Harvey Nichols flagship store in Knightsbridge too. Once I had decorated my flat and began putting it on Instagram I was approached by a number of newspapers, magazines and interior bloggers who were kind enough to feature me on their platform which ended up getting a lot of traction and lead to some fantastic brand collaborations too. 

Proudest moment of your career to date?

There have been a few, launching the new Harvey Nichols concept store in Birmingham was really exciting as Birmingham had never seen anything like it before, but I’d definitely say designing The Pineapple Club in Birmingham’s Piccadilly Arcade and seeing it completed and ready for opening night was a real pinch me moment. I’ve also been shortlisted twice for the UK Interior Design Awards which I was thrilled about!

What is the biggest challenge you have faced during your career?

I can’t think of one specific case, however something that can reoccur with new clients is persuading them to step outside their comfort zone, which the majority of the time is always a challenge.

Many people are afraid to experiment with bold and colourful statements in their home... Any tips to make this process less daunting for someone who is intrigued?

Let go of the fear! Ask yourself what are you afraid of? Making a mistake? If so you learn from it and fix it. Worried what people will think? So what! It’s YOUR house, surround yourself with things that bring you joy, not what you think will impress other people. I’d also suggest starting smaller if you’re too scared to take the plunge with a real bold colour then test it out in a small area, or mock it up on photoshop, that way you won’t have to cover or take down up any paint/wallpaper that you change your mind on. Alternatively, instead of taking the plunge with wallpaper or paint that is a little more permanent, try using soft furnishings and prints in the colours and patterns you’re thinking of trialing out on your walls, this way you can have some time to get used to them in your home, try them in different areas to see where they work best and then if you feel yourself thinking you need more, take the plunge and go big!

When did you first discover mt Masking Tape and how do you use it in your interiors?

I believe I purchased my first few rolls from a stationary shop, to brighten up some notebooks I was using, but then soon discovered how useful it became when I moved into my rented flat. I wanted to come up with some non permanent solutions to decorating my home that wouldn’t mean losing my deposit when we eventually moved, so I purchased a bunch of different colours and patterned Mt tapes and began creating removable confetti wallpaper murals as an alternative to painting or wallpapering and I created faux art deco inspired panelling in the alcoves of my living room and on my bedroom walls. I’ve also used it on smaller projects such as covering photos frames, adding to the shelves of bookcases and decorated plant pots too. The possibilities are really endless!

You favourite mt transformation?

I think the panelling in my bedroom!

Where do you find your inspiration?

I know it’s cliche, but everywhere! Pinterest and Instagram are obvious answers and are amazing visual resources, however nothing beats just looking for inspiration in everyday life, wether it’s a trip in the city, an amazing shop window, a trip to an art gallery, mooching local neighbourhoods and spending time in local creative business like coffee shops and restaurants. These places are full of people’s ideas and creativity that are inspiring without even realising it!

What three tips would you give to someone living in rented accommodation who wants to make a mark on their space?

  1. Ask permission off your landlord before you make any big changes
  2. Use non permanent decor solutions such as contact paper, command hooks, washi tape
  3. Buy plenty of colourful soft furnishings to add pattern and texture

Quick Fire

Best advice you have ever been given?

Under promise, over deliver

Favourite colour?

Leopard print, that’s a colour right?! 😂

Favourite Gallery or Museum?

Tate Modern

If you could have dinner with three artists (past or present) who would they be?

(They’re not strictly artists, but...)

David La Chapelle, Andy Warhol, Matthew Williamson

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