mt on a Roll

mt on a Roll

It’s been a busy September for mt Masking Tape UK. We are proud to have been involved in not just one but two major tape installations with two amazingly talented artists.

To kick things off, we started the month with a tape installation for London Fashion Week in collaboration with recent art graduate George Wark. Serving as a backdrop for fashionistas, we were asked by London Fashion Week to transform four walls within the British Fashion Council Space which is situated on The Strand in London. Inspired by the sixties Op Art movement, George Wark experimented with matte black mt Masking Tape exploring the mechanics of sight and how it can be manipulated. To Wark, this idea of overstimulation has become increasingly relevant as technology pushes itself into our lives more and more. The many hours a day a modern person spends looking at screens being bombarded with information can overwhelm the mind and cause the same confusion. Using a drawing style that emulates this effect in a fraction of the time Wark looked to highlight the way in which overloading the brain can lead to discrepancies in the ‘real’ world and the world we perceive.

Heading North, we rolled to Kings Cross ahead of Design Junction to set up our first ever outdoor tape installation “Roll On Roll Off” by Stephen Smith. We have always been huge fans of award-winning artist Stephen Smith of Neasden Control Centre and were so excited when he said yes to the collaboration. In this vibrant artwork, Stephen decorated a blank, eight-meter-long wall demonstrating the endless possibilities of MT through shape, typography and colour. The words "Roll On, Roll Off” playfully simulated the actual tape rolling onto the canvas and rolling off again. You can see the installation captured on film here: 

Both installations explored two very different tape techniques. George methodically applied the tape to the wall line by line to create a geometric and ocular pattern whilst Stephen layered up the tape into wide sections and cut directly into the tape to create a bold collage effect.

Exhibiting the innovative and infinite ways that tape can be used, we hope you find these installations inspiring...

Get stuck in and give it a go yourself!