Star garland step by step with Collageclublondon

Star garland step by step with Collageclublondon

Use mt Masking tape to elevate a simple garland into something super special for Christmas! This how-to uses metallic tapes from the range for an extra festive touch, but you can use any mt tapes you have to hand.


  • A selection of Mt Masking Tapes in metallic colours
  • Card in three different colours
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife and cutting mat
  • Double-sided tape
  • Thin ribbon - I used a 2m length

First cut out your stars from your three different colours of card. Each full 16-point star is pieced together from two eight-point stars. I created ten full stars for my 2m length of ribbon (so cut out 20 stars in total). Find a simple template to trace online, or go freehand! My stars measure 20cms between opposite points.


Choose two different colour combinations of tape for each of your three card colours. I opted for metallic blue and green for my blue stars, gold and pink tape for my green stars and bronze and polkadot-pink for my white stars. 


Use your craft knife to create the shapes used on the examples shown here. Cut thin lines, wiggles and semicircles from your tape and apply them carefully to your stars, cutting away excess tape with your craft knife. I’ve also added tiny crescent moons using a lighter green tape for extra detail.

Once you’ve finished decorating with tape, you can start constructing your garland. Apply a cross of double-sided tape to the plainer of your stars and press it against your length of ribbon, starting a few cms from the end. Press your second star onto the first with the ribbon sandwiched in between. Remember to make sure the points of your second star are positioned in between the points of the first so you can see all 16.


Repeat across the full length of your ribbon, leaving space between each one. Alternate between your three colours to make a nice pattern and remember to leave an equal amount of ribbon at the other end too. 


Hang your garland using a couple of strips of mt tape!