Wicked Washi

Wicked Washi

Get crafty this Halloween with some spooky mt washi masking tape.

We have 5 creepy Halloween designs to choose from for 2017 decorated with all things Halloween including pumpkins, ghosts, bats, spiders, black cats, sweets and treats.

Having a Halloween party? If so, we’ve got some great tips for unleashing your creativity and making it a super spooky occasion.

  1. Disturbing Decorations: Use some card to cut out pumpkins, ghouls, bats and any other ghastly characters you can think of, decorate each cut out with mt Halloween washi masking tape and thread through some string to create your own Halloween bunting banner or hang separately from the ceiling for a dramatic effect.

  1. Weird Wall Art: A simple way of creating a Halloween mural is to use the mt matte black washi tape to create a giant cobweb on the walls. It’s easy to do and peels off your walls without leaving any damage. A fun way to decorate the house in a hurry and create a big impact.

  1. Putrid Pumpkins: Pumpkin carving can get very messy so for a quick, simple and clean alternative why not try decorating your pumpkin in a multitude of wicked washi tapes.

Happy Halloween!