Workshops with mt Masking Tape

Workshops with mt Masking Tape

At mt Masking Tape UK, we are passionate about providing our consumers with first-hand experience of using our multipurpose tape. Over the years, we have hosted a variety of fun and versatile workshops at leading Art and Gift Stores as well as at exhibitions and Art fairs. We are proud to have hosted workshops at Foyles Bookshop, London Design Week, The Affordable Art Fair, Liberty London, Cass Art, London Graphic Centre and The Handmade Fair and are lucky enough to have worked with some amazing artists along the way. Here, we share a sneak peak of what goes on at some of the workshops we have hosted this year. We hope this will inspire you to join us at one of our many scheduled events in the coming months…

Bring pictures to life with Naomi Vona

Bring and old vintage portrait or treasured picture to life and discover the many possibilities of mt Masking Tape through colour and texture. Contemporary collage artist, Naomi Vona (@mariko_koda) is famous for creating mt collages that juxtapose old and new and encourages participants to create their very own pocket postcard sized art piece to take away. If this sounds up your street then why not head down to The Affordable Art Fair and join Naomi at the creative studio on Thursday 18th October at 11:30am:

Mixed-Media Portraits with Viktorija

Create a unique and contrasting portrait, exploring different materials with Viktorija, illustrator and founder of AndSmile Studios (@andsmilestudio). Bringing illustration and collage together, this workshop gives participants the chance to combine beautiful patterned mt Masking Tape with Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens whilst learning about basic facial anatomy. Welcome to all, this workshop is the perfect opportunity to let go of your inhibitions and create an imaginative and playful portrait. Viktorija will be hosting an mt X Tombow workshop at Great Art, Shoreditch on the 20th September from 6pm and at The Affordable Art Fair on Saturday 20th October at 11:30am:

Get sticking with collage Queen @collageclublondon

Rules are out of the window at these fun and tactile collage workshops with Steph of Collage Club London. Steph hosts a variety of collage workshops in collaboration with mt Masking Tape for adults, kids and families. Learn how to create 3D collages using a beautiful selection of mt Masking Tapes and Collage Club's collection of hand-painted papers and colourful materials. From mask-decorating to creating your very own moveable collage character explore the beauty of texture and the art of cutting and sticking. Fancy creating a collage masterpiece? Head to Steph’s mt collage workshop at The Affordable Art Fair on Friday 19th October at 11:30am.