All you need is a roll of black mt Masking Tape…

All you need is a roll of black mt Masking Tape…

We always love to see the inventive ways that people are using our tape and are amazed at the incredible creations that have been produced using a simple roll of black mt Masking Tape.

Here, we have rounded up some of our favourites:

We love how @virginiedlille has transformed a simple white chair using geometric accents of our matte black tape. Simple, effective and super cool! Can we have one in our dining room please?

Audrey Hepburn illustrated in mt Maskng Tape, now that's impressive! Tape artist @codama_echo regularly uses our tape to imitate the effects of a drawn line or paint mark. This portrait, which uses our Stripe Black 2 tape, depicts iconic actress Audrey Hepburn so perfectly the resemblance is uncanny.

In need of some eye-catching wall décor and have an empty frame lying around the house? We are huge fans of this homemade modern print by using a roll of black mt Masking Tape. Grab a frame, a roll of mt and get crafting!

We are a little bit obsessed with this confetti style feature wall by It is such a simple and effective way to spruce up tired looking walls PLUS it requires minimal mess and can be removed and changed as often as you like. We're sold!

Who knew that a simple roll of our black mt Masking Tape could create a 3D illusion? For London Fashion Week 2019, we collaborated with Artist George Wark who experimented with our black CASA tape, exploring the mechanics of sight and how it can be manipulated.

We adore this bathroom alcove mural created by @va_va_room. We really admire the free-flowing soft curves that have been expertly weaved into this abstract wall art.

Feeling inspired? Tag us in your creations on instagram using hashtag #mtLOVES