Daily mental health check spread using mt masking tape

Daily mental health check spread using mt masking tape

It’s World Mental Health Day! Mental health is so important in this day and age. Whether it’s an indulgent pamper evening, a long nature walk, or just 5 minutes of quiet time, your own mental health should always be at the forefront of your mind. Join Louise (, who, with the help of MT Masking Tape, will teach us to create a 'daily mental health check' spread to keep on top of our well-being and to encourage self-care.


Colourful Header

Begin the spread with a header to establish your page. I’ve used colourful lettering as the focal point and used strips of yellow washi tape to highlight some words as well as to decorate. The translucent quality of washi tape makes for a great background which is easy to write straight on!



Today’s motivation

To motivate yourself for the day, why not set yourself an achievable goal to work towards? I’ve paired this with a motivating quote or positive affirmation to set a good tone for the day. I’ve colour blocked each section with washi tape and a dotted border to draw some focus to the area as well as adding a colourful strip of washi tape to inject some colour into the page.



Action Lists

Organise your thoughts by making some action lists such as a ‘to do’ list which is handy in all occasions for jotting down tasks and notes. Alternatively, a gratitude list is a great way to take a moment to look back on your day for something positive. For lists, I like to mark out each line with washi tape for an overall neater and more colourful look and they’re super easy to write on!



Self Care Checklist

Some of the most uncomplicated things in your day contribute massively to your everyday wellbeing. The simple act of a shower or getting adequate sleep can improve your focus and boost your mood! List down some easy tasks that you can tick off throughout the day and swap them out for more complex self care activities as you acclimate! I’ve highlighted it with a bright yellow washi tape and decorated with a cute flower ‘sticker’ and a colourful background.


Daily Trackers

Daily trackers are useful for reflecting on your day- I’ve begun with noting the date and then included trackers for my mood, productivity and water intake. With regular use, this can slowly encourage you to form better habits as the weeks go by! Here, I’ve used washi tape to create backgrounds, borders and headers for all of my trackers so they look more pleasing to the eye.


With regular use, you’ll see yourself encouraging positive habits and an overall better wellbeing. Remember that even taking a few minutes out of your day to prepare a mental health spread or to fill it in can give you the opportunity to wind down and reflect on your day.