Gift Wrapping with Washi

Gift Wrapping with Washi

For the ultimate personalised gift, try gift wrapping using mt masking tape. With hundreds of patterns and colours to choose from, you can create a gift that is truly unique.

There are several ways you can use mt masking tape to wrap your gift:

  1. Take a roll of white or brown paper and layer up with swatches of colourful and decorative mt ‘washi’ masking tape. It’s an economical way of creating your own wrapping paper and means you can use the roll of wrapping paper to wrap multiple gifts.
  2. Wrap your gift in plain paper using mt masking tape to fasten, and then decorate the front of the present with a big bow made of mt masking tape (this could be 3D if you’re feeling super crafty or a 2D bow would be just as effective).
  3. Use mt masking tape to decorate your gift with the giftee’s initials for the ultra-personal touch.

It doesn’t have to stop there. Take an ordinary brown paper bag and layer up with your favourite mt masking tapes and use as a matching gift bag.