How To Decorate Your Scrapbook with mt MT

Summer memories stuck in scrapbook with mt 'washi' Masking Tape.

We've caught up with to chat about our summer adventures and exciting plans ahead.

Let’s remember this summer by creating a fun and crafty scrapbook to capture our summer memories!


Would you believe me if I said nothing but photos and MT washi tape were used to make this scrapbook? Yes, you heard it. Not a messy glue stick in sight. The beauty of making your own scrapbook is that it’s completely personal to you; full of your favourite memories and decorated in your own style. The unique low-tack and papery characteristics of washi tape means it’s easy to peel, rip, stick and get on with your crafty projects straight away!

Let me show you some ways to elevate your scrapbook with some clever decoration ideas using MT washi tape.

Summer 2023 - here we come!


Bold Backgrounds

Whether your scrapbook is white, black or a kraft brown, you can inject some extra colour into your scrapbook by layering your washi tapes to create a colourful background. Place your washi tapes in simple patterns and formations as you’ll want your photos to be the main focus of your scrapbook!


Head Up with Your Headers

A good way to begin your scrapbook is with a striking header. I like to keep a crafty look so I’ve ripped individual block colour washi tapes for each letter and placed them in a carefree manner to define the title. A colourful background is a great way to draw attention to the text. Next, let’s collect some photos!


Frame Your Photos 

Once you’ve gathered all of your photos, lay them out roughly with plenty of space around each photo (you’ll want to leave room for washi tape!). To make your photos pop, frame them with a bold border to draw focus to your favourite photos. I’ve used a mixture of block colours and fun patterns to create some interest and movement! I like to use the slim MT washi tape for this because they work perfectly for borders but remember you can always cut your washi tapes horizontally to achieve the same look!


DIY Decorative Stickers 

One of my most-used hacks for scrapbooking is to create DIY stickers by layering up washi tape. I’ve slightly overlapped my matte black washi tape on top of each other to create a larger surface area and drawn over this with a white pen to add some extra interest. Another easy washi tape hack is a DIY photo corner - cut triangles and place them by the corner of your photos to add a cute touch and implied frame.


Finishing up! 

With all of your photos and decorative elements in place, you’re almost finished! Fill up the rest of your scrapbook by using your washi tape in the most classic way - use a mixture or plain and patterned tape to fill in any empty gaps or to stick down the corners of your photos. This is my favourite way to showcase my patterned washi tapes!