How to use washi tape in your Bujo

How to use washi tape in your Bujo

The Bullet Journal planner system devised by Ryder Carrol is a way to note down and ‘track the decisions you've made, and the actions you've taken.’ A Bullet Journal encourages you to learn from your experiences by compiling monthly and weekly logs tracking elements like mood, activity, nutrition, likes, dislikes, budgets and goals. Popular amongst stationery addicts, students and people who simply desire a little bit more structure in their life, the Bujo community is growing daily. Each Bullet Journal is different and unique to its user with its own style and theme. Some Bullet Journallers opt for a minimalist theme whilst others go crazy with decoration and colourful stationery. mt Masking Tape is regularly used within these journals for both functional and artistic purposes. Here we share 5 ways to incorporate mt Masking Tape into your Bujo spread:


Testing your stationery is important, so why not make it a feature in your Bullet Journal. Colour Swatch your mt Masking Tape so you can work out the perfect colour code for your upcoming monthly spread or tracker.


Some Bullet Journals can take on the form of a scrapbook documenting achievements, memories or gratitude logs. Use mt Masking Tape to keep precious memorabilia safe. Create borders around pictures within your journal or simply tear off pieces of tape to fasten down tickets, notes and keepsakes. You can re-apply and re-adjust the tape, so you don’t have to worry about making mistakes.


Working on a monthly mood tracker and don’t want to lose your page? Use mt Masking Tape to create colourful page markers to organise your journal.


Want your journal to stand out from the crowd? Embellish your journal cover, spine or pages in mt Masking Tape. Washi tape is the perfect decorative tool if you are looking to fill up a bit of space.


Use pretty strips of washi tape or mt seal stickers to mark and title your notes.