mt CASA for home decoration

mt CASA for home decoration

Change the colour of your walls as often as you would your clothes with the mt CASA collection. This marvellous masking tape for home interiors is fantastic for brightening up any boring blank space. These wide rolls of masking tape are the perfect alternative to wallpaper and thanks to its low adhesive strength you never need worry about getting bored of your décor again, it’s super easy to replace or remove and will not damage your walls - ideal if you’re living in a rented apartment!

Not only can mt CASA be used to decorate your walls but just about everything else in your home from lampshades to plant pots; use mt CASA to decorate furniture , floors and windows - the possibilities are endless!

The mt CASA Shade collection was created especially for windows, filtering out sunlight and UV rays this tape will brighten up your windows but not the room.

In addition to rolls of tape mt CASA sheet is a range that features adhesive square, triangular and hexagonal tiles that can be used on the walls and floors.

mt CASA was created for the home but not exclusive to just one place, it can be used to inject life to many other spaces including offices, shops, galleries and much more. No special tools or techniques are required, simply stick to your desired surface for instant enhancement.