mt Meets: Stockholm Design Lab

mt Meets: Stockholm Design Lab

The multidisciplinary studio is one of Europe’s most highly respected design companies. Founded in 1998, Stockholm Design Lab transforms brands and businesses with simple remarkable ideas. SDL works internationally and domestically with a vast variety of clients: from airlines, spirit brands, museums, fashion labels, hotel chains and tech to name a few. Their work is represented in the design collection of the National Museum of Art, Stockholm, exhibited in Tokyo, Berlin, Moscow, London, New York, Zacatecas, Helskini, Köln and Stockholm. This year SDL is celebrating their 20 year anniversary with 4 unique tapes for MT. We caught up with SDL creative director, Nina Granath to discuss all things tape and more…

Where do you find your inspiration?

We are a multidimensional team of designers and strategists who work globally with a broad range of clients and businesses. We find inspiration everywhere. Through methodology as well as from all parts of life, design related or not.

What’s the story behind the four design concepts (Making Worlds, Grattis, Remixed Shapes and Human Being)

Three of our design concepts spring from projects we have done over the years. As you mentioned yourself, we are celebrating 20 years and we thought it was fun to highlight a few of our favourite projects in a totally new context. 'Making worlds” takes its design from the visual identity we made for the International Art Exhibition in Venice 2009. 'Remixed shapes' is a collage of forms and patterns, inspired from the packaging we have produced for the Japanese company Askul, whom we have worked with for over a decade. ”Human beings” reuses the lovely illustrations of the human body that we created for a Swedish Pharmacy chain and with ”Grattis” (meaning congratulations) we wanted to take the opportunity to create a functional tape to interact with. We are very much digital. But of course, we are also hands on during our process of creating design, discuss, testing and presenting our work.


You are celebrating 20 years of SDL, what exciting projects do you have in the pipeline?

As we speak, we are working on a book as well as an exhibition covering 20 years of our work.

How do you use your mt Masking Tape?

The tape will be used one way or another at the exhibition.

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