Never get bored of your decor again thanks to mt CASA

Never get bored of your decor again thanks to mt CASA

Have you ever woken up in the morning and really regretted that mustard feature wall you painted on a whim or the garish wallpaper that was once cool in the 90’s? It’s fun to impulsively refresh and transform our surroundings at the time, but not so fun when regret starts to set in and we grow bored of our four walls. Transformation doesn’t need to be permanent or difficult to change which is where the mt CASA range comes in...Our wonderful, easy to apply wide masking tape rolls for home interiors are perfect for brightening up a boring blank space and won’t damage your walls so you can upgrade and change your walls as often as you would your clothes!

Spring is the season of new beginnings where we set new goals, make changes to our lives and get our homes in order so why not get creative this season and explore the endless possibilities of the mt CASA range. Create blocks of colour or colourful stripes with alternate tapes, combine them with mt CASA seal stickers to add circular shapes and cover entire walls with your favourite motif. Decorate whole walls in spring like blooms from intertwining roses and spiraling leaves, to embroidered floral themes and botanical gardens. Bring the inside out and let your walls flourish. Not only available in roll form, but also in easy-to-use mt CASA sheets which can be used for interiors too – no special techniques or tools required, transform a boring corner and bring it to life by simply pasting these sheets to floors and walls. Available in squares in various sizes as well as triangular and hexagonal tiles too.

With over 100 colours and patterns to choose from, the mt CASA offering is an interior enthusiasts dream and is easier and quicker to apply and remove than paint or wallpaper. Comprising of plain colour rolls, stripes, dots, geometric patterns, wood textures and florals the collection is booming with inspiring patterns to cater for all tastes. If you are looking for something that oozes elegance then why not try something from our very special Morris & Co collaboration which is inspired by the iconic work of renowned textile designer William Morris.

For the super creative, the fun doesn’t have to stop here…you can also team your mt CASA rolls with our handy mt Nazorie image projector which enables you to create comprehensive shapes and pictures on the wall without making too much mess! Simply trace the image with your favourite rolls of mt and transform your kids' bedroom or home into an art gallery. If you are feeling particularly brave, you could even attempt producing freehand wall decorations! The creative prospects of mt CASA are boundless… the only limit is your imagination.

Never worry about getting bored of your decor again and give your walls a whole new dimension to suit your mood this spring...