Playing with tape & colour by Eloisa Henderson-Figueroa

Collection of 12 mini collages in bright and neon colours created using washi tape in geometric and abstract designs.

Playing and exploring are central to my work because it took me a long time to discover what really made me happy. I always put pressure on myself to try and be a ‘proper’ artist but that wasn’t me and it was only until I discovered collage that I really understood what excited me. It was a way to put ideas down quickly and not overthink them and just play with shapes and colours. It unlocked something and have now made it my career! I’ve realised it makes me happy, and makes others happy.

This project is aimed at showing you the fun that you can have from playing. There’s no pressure to create a masterpiece, it’s just enjoying the tapes and colours!


What you’ll need:
- Scissors (to trim the edges and cut out any shapes. But the great thing about mt Masking Tape is that they’re easy to rip & tear!)
- Coloured paper
mt Masking Tapes of your choice

Pick colours that you love! I’ve gone for lighter ones as they will show off my tape colours better.

Here is a selection of the tapes I’m using. Fluorescent tapes are brilliant for adding a pop of colour and it’s always nice to get some patterns in
there for variety.

These round mt CASA seal stickers are amazing!

Start with a colour you really like. It always helps to use your fave because then you’re already starting on a high. Stick down your circle wherever you like.

Adding tape colours that you love also sets the tone for the piece. Use your scissors to trim the edge.

Add in a patterned tape to give it variety. This grid tape is one of my faves!

Create different shapes by cutting little squares of tape.

Then make random shapes to add movement to your piece.

And a final pop of colour!

Explore different colour patterns and tapes for your next piece.

Beautiful patterned tapes are artworks in themselves!

Using fluorescents makes all your other colours pop.

Be bold with your tape choices!

Once you’ve finished a selection then you can stand back and admire them. They all have the same themes running through, but all look unique.

And if you really like it, find a frame and showcase your amazing new collage.

If you would like to see more of my artwork, please visit my website or Instagram Feed.

Bye for now!